Founded in 1980 by Wes Renneberg, Renneberg Hardwoods began as a sawmill and logging operation.  A local sawmill had shutdown and Wes saw a need in the community. The sawmill had a small team of 6 and operated in the same location as they operate in today.

In 1984, the first kiln was built and it was the start of Renneberg Hardwoods becoming the number one distributer of top quality kiln dried lumber in the midwest. By 1990, the team had perfected the process and grew into a team of 15 employees distributing their lumber mainly to cabinet shops and furniture makers. In 1994, Renneberg expanded once again by adding the Dimensions shop for the production of high quality mouldings.  

Renneberg Hardwoods prides itself on its intensely monitored kiln drying process, ensuring nothing but perfection in their end product. It has grown into a 75-person operation and maintains its roots by supporting sawmills both locally and throughout the country.      





Renneberg Hardwoods is proud of its dedicated team of employees. With many serving the company from 5 to 30 years, our team is hardworking, experienced and the best in the business. We believe in our employees and recognizing them for their dedication and loyalty. Below lists our dedicated employees that have served 5 years or more:

20 + YEARS


FRONT LEFT Toni J. Keranen, Bill Towers, 

Darlene E. Pouliot

BACK LEFT  Terry Juntunen, Wes Renneberg,

Randy G. Redetzke



10 - 20 YEARS


FRONT LEFT  Clinton Goeden, Dewane L. Salo, Elaine Wiegand, Wilbert A. Kako, Mark M. Miller, Robert L. Mackay

BACK LEFT  Jeff Reinhardt, Dave Skaro, Robin Havnes, Christopher Mickelson, Shawn M. Tate, Richard M. Lepper

NOT PICTURED  Leah Snelling

5 - 9 YEARS


FRONT LEFT Nate Erickson, Ryan G. Ritari,

Thomas Craig


BACK LEFT Scott D. Neels, Kelly J. May, Ryan Mains, Robert Weaver

NOT PICTURED Warren Nickerson, Jethro Arola  

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