Renneberg Hardwoods offers a vast selection of trim; all available in solid wood to compliment your flooring, paneling or cabinet making needs. From casings, crown moulding, cove, base cap and shoe to hand rail, chair rail and counter top edging, Renneberg Hardwoods has the mouldings to fit your finishing needs.


Casings define the overall character of a room and are often the most visible part of the trim. They are used primarily to cover the gap between drywall and the door or window frame. Casings are generally thicker than the base mouldings.


Baseboards are placed along the wall at the floor. They should be chosen to work in harmony with your casings to finish and tie the room together. Baseboards are usually thinner than the casing.

Crown and Cove

Crowns are placed along the wall at the ceiling. They come in a wide range of patterns and sizes. Crowns soften the transition from wall to ceiling while adding a distinctive look and charm to your room.

Tongue & Groove

Tongue & Groove offers a great alternative to drywall. It's easy to install, durable and provides warmth to a room. It comes in many different styles to fit your space, and Renneberg provides the trim pieces and mouldings you need to finish it off. 


Floor mouldings allow for a smooth transition to other flooring styles such as hardwood to tile, hardwood to carpet, etc. They create a complete and finished look that protects the flooring as well. 

Stair Parts

Renneberg's stair parts include bullnose mouldings to cap off each wooden step as well as stair railing parts to create the perfect railing to match your style. 

Misc Mouldings

Can't find the moulding you are looking for? Check out our miscellaneous options available including things such as quarter round, picture frames, bar rails, and more. 

Drawer Parts

For the perfect cabinet drawer every time, check out our specific trim and moulding options. 

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