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From the forest...

To our factory...

To our trucks...

To your home. 

Renneberg Hardwoods is not your ordinary hardwood company.  Our closely monitored process from start to finish makes Renneberg Hardwoods the #1 producer of hardwoods in the midwest. From the forest, to our factory, to our trucks, and to your home, Renneberg Hardwoods makes all the difference. 

From the very beginning, Renneberg is involved in the trees that are chosen, the sawmills that are used and how they arrive to our factory. Each piece of hardwood is handled with the utmost of care. After arriving, the wood is then carefully kiln dried to perfection. 

The kiln drying process takes up to 3 months and is monitored every single day until it reaches the ideal moisture level of 6-8%. The wood is tested and re-tested until we are confident it is ready to be processed by our team of experts.


Once the hardwood is ready for shipment, whether to be made into cabinets, a beautiful hardwood floor, or the lumber used to build a new home, Renneberg's hardwood is carefully packaged and loaded onto our big red trucks and delivered to their final destination.


The difference is in the finished product. Builders, woodworkers, cabinet makers, and all professionals know when they are working with Renneberg hardwood. A properly kiln dried wood does not warp like the big box stores. It does the job it was born to do, and it does it right. 


Check out the images below of our state-of-the art process. 

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